Units - Animals They Dream About

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In 2015 FUTURISMO brought you the first ever reissue of UNITS 1980 electronic cult classic Digital Stimulation. This year FUTURISMO bring you something by the UNITS never ever released before!! Coming to turntables for the first time - UNITS unreleased 2nd album Animals They Dream About, co-produced by legendary musician/producer Bill Nelson, also of Be-Bop Deluxe fame.

Shelved since 1982 due to label issues at the time, UNITS unreleased sophomore LP Animals They Dream About finally sees the light of day for all to hear. Whilst Digital Stimulation forged a sound now known as synthpunk, this time San Francisco‰۪s UNITS take things in a slightly more synthpop/new wave direction. At this point a four piece, UNITS still employed the live components and arch observation that were a key to their contemporary punk tinged electro sound, whilst embracing a greater sense of mood and melody. As the Eighties progressed some of the synth textures present on Animals They Dream About would become commonplace, but the UNITS were doing it way back in 1981 for the recording of this lost synth gem, making their 2nd LP something of a testament to what could have been, had it not been for the cruel mistress that is the ‰Û÷music biz‰۪.

Coming Spring 2016 for a Worldwide release FUTURISMO present this rare unreleased LP on 180g limited edition coloured vinyl, as well as a digipak CD version.