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The UT reissue campaign starts with the Ut EP and the Confidential EP, remastered by Dominique Brethes at Wolf Studios and repackaged as a double 12‰۝ (both cut at 45rpm for maximum sound fidelity). The double 12‰۝ has both 12‰۝‰۪s in a PVC outer bag (with DL code). There will be 500 only of the double-pack 12‰۝ set. Ut is a radical rock group founded by Nina Canal, Jacqui Ham and Sally Young in NYC in Dec 1978. Originating in the downtown No Wave scene and inheritors of the collision between rock, free jazz and the avant-garde, Ut exploded the rigidity of conventional rock, constructing songs through collective improvisation, swapping instruments and rotating the role of singer/director.åÊ

Migrating to London in 1981, Ut played with bands like The Fall and The Birthday Party and released music on their own label, Out Records. Ut became a favorite of BBC's John Peel and recorded sessions for his show. Joining forces in 1987 with the label Blast First, they released the critically acclaimed In Gut's House in 1988 and made the NME ‰Û÷Top 50 Albums‰۪ that year. As The Washington Post exclaimed, ‰ÛÏWith In Gut‰۪s House, Ut has scraped and droned one of the finest underground rock albums of the year... The tightly interwoven, firmly focused sound... is rich, spooky, urgent and quite unexpectedly beautiful.‰۝åÊ

The album Griller followed in 1989, engineered by label mate Steve Albini, who shared Ut's raw aesthetic and captured the band‰۪s intensity. Ut disbanded in 1990 and began performing again in 2010. They have since toured the US, UK, Ireland and Europe.åÊ
‰ÛÏThe raw power and sheer drive of Ut is quite straightforward and unmistakable. This is a true threatening guitar band.‰۝ ‰ÛÒ N.Y. RockeråÊ

‰ÛÏI swear I have never seen a band play harder, I have never seen musicians put so much into their instruments, I have never seen such concentration on stage; in short, I have never seen people make rock ‰Û÷n‰۪ roll so much their own, using the normal tools to create a singular, bone-shaking form of expression.‰۝ ‰ÛÒ The Village Voice