Various - Beating Heart: Malawi Originals Recorded By Hugh Tracey

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When Hugh Tracey (1903-1977) made 35,000 field recordings across Sub-Saharan Africa between the 1920s & 1970s, his intention was to reveal the beauty and complexity of the music to a world that saw little value in it. Today, almost 90 years later, Tracey's bid to preserve the music of Africa for future generations' lives on. ''Beating Heart - Malawi'' has connected the archive at the International Library of African Music (ILAM) with contemporary producers, making fresh sounds for a modern audience. This "originals" album collates the source material supplied to modern contemporary electronic artist to remix but is a historical document in its own right and a fascinating insight into Malawi''s rich musical heritage.

He recorded: Mouse-hunting songs, African separatist hymns, songs about rain and poverty, songs for pulling canoes, songs which warn against European beer, songs which complain about venereal disease, songs about the sounds of unseen aeroplanes, songs about a mosquito overturning a lorry, about a donkey complaining it wants wages instead of maize, about a baboon that dies after somersaulting for joy at hearing the sound of drums, commentaries on urbanisation, labour organisations and a praise song for a bicycle mender.

Building on Tracey's vision, the income generated will be used to assist people in the areas where the music was originally recorded.