Various - Girls Gone Rockin'

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Girls Gone Rockin‰۪ has proved to be one of the most popular titles in the Fantastic Voyage catalogue, and now we are pleased to present a 2LP vinyl limited edition, featuring 32 dancefloor-friendly cuts, selected from the 3CD, 75-track set. If one were to go by the charts alone, it would be easy to conclude that red-blooded rock ‰۪n‰۪ roll, and its kissin‰۪ cousins R&B and rockabilly, was solely a male preserve.åÊ And to a degree that was the case but as this superb collection reveals, when it comes to cuttin‰۪ a rug or settin‰۪ the woods on fire, the girls can easily give the boys a run for their money.

With the first decade of the 21st century already behind us, it‰۪s amazing to consider just how strong an influence rock ‰۪n‰۪ roll continues to exert on the contemporary music scene, especially female artists. Granted it‰۪s got its work cut out against the latest batch of cookie-cutter wannabes with their predictable ‰ÛÒ ahem -‰ÛÏR&B‰۝ covers, but with real-deal artists such as Imelda May performing alongside Jeff Beck at megawatt events such as the Grammys, its allure and energy remain as potent as ever. Vintage-styled events which celebrate both the fashions and music of the 1940s and ‰۪50s have entered the mainstream, while the undisputed Queen of Rockabilly, Wanda Jackson, continues to make her presence felt via new recordings and social media. Decades may divide these artists, but the big beat is a unifying force that‰۪s successfully spanned three generations and shows little sign of waning.

Drawing together some of the finest female singers from across the roll ‰۪n‰۪ roll spectrum, Girls Gone Rockin‰۪ sees chart-topping R&B mamas rubbing shoulders with boogie woogie country gals, and demure pop princesses mingling with rockabilly fillies whose lesser-heard down-home ditties have nonetheless earned them a place in collectors‰۪ hearts.åÊ This is as diverse and compelling a set of distaff rockers as one could hope to find.