Various - Soul Transfusion

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Since youth was youth and fashion was fashion, the dance floors of the Western world have periodically been swept by dance rages. Prior to World War I, Irene and Vernon Castle popularized a variety of dances, notably the Fox Trot and a number of ‰ÛÏanimal‰۝ dances. The 1920s saw huge popularity for the Charleston, Blackbottom, and Lindy, and in the late 1930s the rage began for wild jitterbugging to swing bands. But none of these dance crazes could match the early 1960s for their sheer variety of dance fads. And here they all are: The Shing-A-Ling, The Frog, The Hunch, The Camel Walk, The Monkey, The Jerk, The Popcorn and many more. This album covers some of the most distinctive and entertaining dances of the era up to the dance-crazed peak of 1966. Side 1: Shing-A-Ling - Audrey Winters The Frog - Lonnie Brooks Let‰۪s Shindig - Freddy Williams & The ShindigsåÊ Dizzy Jones Birdland - The Marvells,åÊ Jerk It With Soul - Willie Walker, The Hunch - Jimmy Johnson, At The Party (Let‰۪s Monkey) - The Persians. Side 2 The Camel Walk - Cody Black & The Celestials, Mickey‰۪s East Coast Jerk - The Larks , Mo Jo Workout - Bobby Long And His Satelites, Whip It On Me Baby - The Whips, Scratch - Katherine Holt, Doing The Popcorn - Little Earl Jenkins, The Dog - Junior & The Classics, The Monkey Whip - The Pacesetters.