Wax Witches - Center Of Your Universe

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Insanely cathcy pop punk blasts from outer space featuring Alex Alex Wall Of Bleeding Knees Club!!! Digipack CD / LP Deluxe tip-on jacket w/ DL. There are fewer more indicative opening couplets than these: "Let's wake up and go back to bed / 'Cause today's gonna suck / I would rather be here at home / All this work can get fucked." On "Social Introvert," Wax Witches' Alex Wall (also, frontman for Bleeding Knees Club) paints the perfect self-portrait of his titular subject, delivering an endless stream of quotable lines in a perfectly snotty punk-pop delivery. The song hails from the Australian artist's forthcoming second solo album under the spooky moniker ‰ÛÓ Centre of Your Universe. Similar to the Ramones‰۪ negative rants about ‰ÛÏI Don‰۪t Wanna‰۝ this or ‰ÛÏI Don‰۪t Care‰۝ about that, as well as Black Flag‰۪s manic punk tones ‰ÛÓ Wax Witches blends the best of both and gives it to you with nothing but attitude. It‰۪s like that pesky kid you want to punch in the mouth, but you have to give him some credit because his rants are legit. åÊOn Burger Records.

Track listing : 1. Theme Song 2. Headshave 3. Social Introvert 4. Seratonin 5. Your Not My Idol 6. Summer Suckers 7. Poser 8. Twenty Seven 9. 2yung2die 10.Ultra-Outcast 11.Codeine Crush