Wilco - Star Wars

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Wilco presents 'Star Wars', the Grammy-award winning band's ninth studio album and its first since 2011's 'The Whole Love'. The new album was recorded at the band's Chicago loft and features 11 original Wilco-penned tunes. If an unlikely predominant influence on 'The Whole Love' was Nick Lowe's bittersweet new wave, 'Stars Wars' brings together the unfamiliar but similarly adventurous bedfellows of Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band, the spacier end of the glam era (David Bowie's 'Space Oddity', Lou Reed's 'Transformer') and the Beatles 'White Album', one of Tweedy's all-time favourites. 'Star Wars' sees stoner rock'n'roll nestling up to psychedelic singsongs and acid-drop pop, by route of unusual sounds ranging from a ticking clock-type melody to what may be a jumbo jet. It's an absolute blast and a perfectly flowing collection.