Yoko Ono - Feeling The Space

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The fact that the once-reviled Yoko Ono is inspiring a new generation of activists comes as no surprise if you‰۪ve listened toåÊFeeling the Space, her personal-is-political 1973 album that resonates remarkably forty-four years later. On such songs as the righteous chant ‰ÛÏWoman Power,‰۝ the empathetic ballad ‰ÛÏAngry Young Woman,‰۝ the hilarious proto-grrrl ‰ÛÏPotbelly Rocker,‰۝ and the satirical ‰ÛÏMen Men Men,‰۝ Ono sings in surprisingly straightforward fashion about the burdens carried by women and the mandate for feminism. Supported by such skilled studio vets as guitarist David Spinozza, sax player Michael Brecker, and drummer Jim Keltner, this is perhaps Yoko‰۪s most accessible album, and her most intimate.åÊFeeling the SpaceåÊwas recorded during the time when the avant-garde visionary artist became estranged from her rock-star husband John Lennon. He plays only briefly on the album (billed as Johnny O‰۪cean); she produced and wrote all the songs. The result is a definitive soundtrack/document of the era of consciousness raising and of radical critique of the family structure. Yoko and company deliver this hard message soft rock style, or as soft as Yoko could get ‰ÛÒ think ofåÊFeeling the SpaceåÊasåÊTapestryåÊwith talons, or the second-wave godmother ofåÊLemonade. Yoko was on the front lines of the women‰۪s liberation movement. Dedicated ‰ÛÏto the sisters who died in pain and sorrow and those who are now in prisons and in mental hospitals for being unable to survive in the male society,‰۝ it‰۪s an emotional exploration of the psychological toll of oppression.

LP - limited edition white vinyl (300 copies)