Z aka Bernard Szajner - Visions of Dune

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A rare synth classic lovingly reissued. French electronic pioneer Bernard Szajner‰۪s 1979 concept album based around Frank Herbert‰۪s cult ‰Û÷Dune‰۪ Trilogy. Dystopian sci-fi drones and otherworldly melodies drift across the stereo spectrum, creating a multi-layered, deeply immersive listening experience.

Remastered from the original tapes by Rashad Becker in Berlin with two additional unreleased bonus tracks (appearing as bonus tracks on the CD and as digital only tracks available via a download card with the LP format).

A long-time favourite album for reputable producers: ‰ÛÏAs a long time fixture at the far-end of my Euro-electronic shelf this Gallic-magnetic conceptual synth-pop classic has been in risky disc-jockey orbit waiting over 30 years for the right time to touch-down on planet earth to re-fuel‰۝ - Andy Votel

‰ÛÏIt‰۪s great to see this fantastic album see a proper reissue... a classic of forward-looking French music from the 1970s; so ahead of its time‰۝ - Dan Snaith (Caribou / Daphni)

‰ÛÏAmazing record!‰۝ - Prins Thomas

‰ÛÏThis is an all time favourite record of mine, very excited aboutåÊthe new masters‰۝ - Optimo


‰ÛÏ... brilliant amalgam of deeply layered sci-fi soundscapes that drift between the ambient drones... it‰۪s not hard to see why Carl Craig, among other high-profile admirers, counts Szajner‰۪s music as being in his ‰Û÷all time top ten‰۪‰۝ - The Vinyl Factory

‰ÛÏThere‰۪s a damn good reason why many consider Szajner to be Brian Eno‰۪s French counterpart.‰۝ - FACTåÊ