April Magazine - Further Listening Playlist

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April Magazine - Further Listening Playlist

April Magazine, our latest San Francisco crush, just released their new album, If The Ceiling Were A Kite Vol.1, on Tough Love. As it's our album of the week/month/year we asked them to put together a Further Listening playlist and asked them a couple of questions giving those of us thousands of miles away an insight in to how it all started.

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- How did the band come together?
It started as roommates. Peter and I (Kati) shared a bedroom door – he'd record all night and I'd fall asleep listening in the other room wishing I had a 4-track. One day he asked if I wanted to jam some Teenage Chain songs with him and I was floored. I thought how cool just a roommate hangout, no pressure of being in a band, just a casual jam. I come into his room with my bass and there's this random guy, Mike, holding his guitar! Hoodwinked!!? And that's how he swindled us both into a band. Since then it's been us and a few crucial members floating in and out – from our earliest times spent with Julia Waves to our most recent addition, David Diaz.

- were/are you in other bands? 

Before April Magazine, Peter's project was called Teenage Chain. The rest of us were involved in various projects over the years. Kati and Mike are each in at least 3 other bands.

- Are there any common influences amongst you? Did you agree on any bands when April Magazine came together? 

Velvet Underground, Yo La Tengo, Les Rallizes Denudes, The Rolling Stones, The Jesus and Mary Chain may be some of the obvious influences we've picked up along the way, but we often find inspiration in things like walking or riding the bus and later in trying to recreate those feelings musically.

- Do you see yourselves as part of a San Francisco scene (for want of a better word)? 

We feel very lucky to be living in a place where so many good friends are playing music we love.

Further Listening Playlist

My favorite kind of shoegaze. Ethereal flawed grainy hypnotic sludgey poppy heavy and light all perfectly proportioned. Their song Susan, Camilla, Tracey and Dean is a masterpiece of acoustic driven malaise 
Semi trucks
Simultaneously conjuring familiar melodies with surprisingly fresh lyrics. So pure and sweet and unrelenting. Like condensed milk slowly falling through a dark glass of coffee. 
Beautifully lost in its own creation with lyrics and melodies buried in shattered guitar notes. A heartfelt determination nestled in the aimless phenomenon of sound
Los Lucha 
Broad phrases and  warm chords that seem to effortlessly spin day dreams out of thin air
Hits "static drizz"
Rain drops have gone swimming…Collapse… when the salads spinning… such fun and visceral images I love returning to over and over again.

BUY: If The Ceiling Were A Kite Vol.1 [limited edition cream vinyl]

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