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This week the Dinked shops (which we're part of, obvs) announced the sixth exclusive release - the second album from the great Snapped Ankles. There's also a few others still available on pre-order, links below. Once they're gone, they're definitely gone, so get your orders in quickly! Dinked 01 - Kurt Vile - Bottle It In (sold out - indies version available)Dinked 02 - John Carpenter - Halloween (sold out - indies version available)Dinked 03 - You Tell Me - You Tell Me (Pre-Order)Dinked 04 - Toy - Happy In The Hollow (Pre-Order)Dinked 05 - Homeshake - Helium (Pre-Order)Dinked 06...

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As you may have seen on our Facebook and Twitter, we're part of a new collective of like-minded record shops under the banner of Dinked, where we'll be selling exclusive versions. The first two were announced today, Kurt Vile's new one for Matador and John Carpenter's Halloween soundtrack. The Dinked edition for each is exclusive to only 20 retailers in the UK (us being one, obvs) and will be an ongoing thing. All the releases are limited, so if you're interested in any of these, best get your orders in asap. The Kurt Vile one comes on orange/yellow splatter vinyl,...

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