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Record Store Day 2019 Product List

Here's the list of all the five hundred and something releases coming out for Record Store Day this year: RSD 2019 Product List  We won't be stocking every single release, but we can order enough of each if we know what you want. So if you could email us your wish lists we'll try our best to get enough to go around. Please try to email your lists to us within the next week or so if possible (cut off for us to order will be in about 2 weeks. After that - no more orders) >> << RSD Facebook event page

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Record Store Day 2018 Product List

It's that time of year again. Save your pennies, set your alarm, there's loads of good stuff coming this year.  21st April 2018 is the day, and here's a list of what's coming - RSD 18 List Email your requests to us as soon as please, we need to place orders a month before the day. Put the kettle on, sit yourself down with a cup of tea and email your wants list to us here >> Here's the Facebook event where we'll be posting the days events

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Record Store Day 2015 Product List

The full list of releases for 2015's Record Store Day have just been announced on XFM. You can have a look through all 500 of them HERE You can send questions and wish lists to and use the subject "RSD Wish List". We can’t reserve titles, but knowing what you’re after is going to help us make sure we stock enough copies. We'll have DJs throughout the day and also a live performance from Asylums.

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