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If there's one thing music nerds love more than anything, it's a good list. We're no different, and read every list we see - websites, shops, magazines, customers, the lot - and still there's records we miss (can't listen to everything). This time next week this list of 50 could quite easily be 50 different records, and we wouldn't want it any other way. Don't let any of the 'real music' bores tell you nothing good comes out anymore, they're just not paying attention. Every one of these records is worth your time, even if it's 50th in the list, doesn't...

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It's that time of year again. Save your pennies, set your alarm, there's loads of good stuff coming this year.  21st April 2018 is the day, and here's a list of what's coming - RSD 18 List Email your requests to us as soon as please, we need to place orders a month before the day. Put the kettle on, sit yourself down with a cup of tea and email your wants list to us here >> southrsd18@gmail.com Here's the Facebook event where we'll be posting the days events

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