Mirry - Further Listening By Simon Tong & Tom Fraser

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Mirry - Further Listening By Simon Tong & Tom Fraser

When we first heard the Mirry album we instantly fell for it, bringing to mind the homespun experimentalism of Woo and the pastoral wonder of Virginia Astley. Then we read the great story behind it, finding that Simon Tong - an unassuming friend of a friend (who also happens to be a member of The Verve, The Good, The Bad & The Queen and The Magnetic North) was involved. Simon was kind enough to make us an exclusive mix, along with Tom Fraser, the musician whose clearance of his grandfather's loft brought us this great album.

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Listen on Spotify HERE (or scroll down for the player)
Tracks 1-5 are Tom's choices, 6-10 are Simon's.

Here's what they had to say:

The Molly Drake recordings really blew me away when I heard them a few years back. The scratchy faded, quality and how her melancholic chord changes and vocal delivery were so spookily reminiscent of her sons. To find the recordings of Mirrys felt similar. Hearing someone’s music – unheard for so many years – we felt like we’d opened Tutankhamun’s tomb. And like Molly Drake the music was recorded in the fifties but was of a style that could have been made anytime in the last 150 years. Mirrys recordings sounded like they were covered by a layers and layers of dust and we tried to keep as much of that dust on as possible.  

DJ Shadow Endtroducing was a revelation in what you can do with someone else's music.
Durutti Column - Without Mercy because it turns out that you can never have too many delays. Spiritualised - Pure Phase because actually you can never have too much phaser either. Duendita - I heard this on Chilled Cow years ago, I’ve listened to the Chilled Cow mixtapes for a very long time, very relaxing and a big influence.
When I was younger I slept on the floor of a friends flat in Edinburgh for year- washing up in a restaurant, trying to get the courage up to join a band and was also trying  to write  a book. He had Oil on Canvas and I listened to it for 
the whole year and realised by the end that:
1. I had no idea where one song ended and another began
2. what any of the songs were called
3. That i really really needed to get better at bass

1. DJ Shadow - Building Steam With A Grain Of Sand
2. Durutti Column - Without Mercy
3. Spiritualized - Pure Phase  
4. Duendita - One of One
5. Japan - Gentlemen Take Polaroids
6. Molly DrakeI Remember
7. Bernard Hermann - Scene d’amour
8. Angelo Badalamenti - Mysteries of Love 
9. Neu! - Im Glueck
10. The Inkspots - Do I Worry

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