Record Store Day 2017

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Record Store Day 2017

It's that time of year again. Record Store Day 2017, the 10th year, as you can see above, is on Saturday 22nd April.  

The list of products will be announced on 21st March at 6pm.  Any requests, get them in EARLY! We have to put our orders in pretty much the day it gets announced, so be ready...

As usual, we'll be opening at 8am and closing at 6pm.  There'll be a band playing later in the day, and DJs throughout.

Here's the Facebook event page, which we'll be updating with more info >>>


“When I left home and moved to San Francisco, first thing on my mind was joining a band… the problem for me was that there were not any bands that would have me or even played the type of music I imagined I wanted to hear… so I decided to start my own… I would make small down payments at pawnshops for gear, buy recording machines, amps, guitars, whatever. within 3 months of teaching myself the 7 folk chords I use nonstop to this day, I had already taught a few new friends how to play as well and we were off. I used to make up songs everyday on the 4 track just to teach myself how to write… I understood what I liked about music, I just didn’t know how to pull it out of the ether and bring them into being. at the same time, I would make demo tapes and share them with friends… endless demo tapes… I would send them to magazines and record labels with no return address, just for the fuck of it. It was never my intention to actually release this music... for instance if I came up with a country song, I would finish it just to learn more about writing... I didn’t want to be in a classic country group, this is a document of my learning process. good times… this album is one such tape from 1990/91 i can’t remember. enjoy.”
Brian Jonestown Massacre, Pol Pot's Pleasure Penthouse for #RSD17 >

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